Little Venn

A Breath of Fresh Air Transforming Little Venns Online Presence with a User-Friendly Website

Little Venn
Discover how Lightly Salted designed and built a landing page for Little Venn, highlighting their innovative air-filtering products for infants.


Little Venn by SNUPPA offers innovative solutions to combat air pollution effects on infants. With clever design and technology, Little Venn aims to provide clean, filtered air for babies, especially when they are in carrycots or strollers. Lightly Salted was approached to develop a landing page, responsive website that not only showcased their unique product.


Little Venn required a website that communicated their story effectively, making it clear how their products protect infants from toxic fumes and air pollution. The challenge was to create an engaging and compelling user experience, built on the latest web technology.


Lightly Salted developed a one-page, bespoke responsive website for Little Venn. Expert content structuring was carried out to ensure an optimal user experience, while the latest web technology was used to ensure the site was future-proof with the capability to extend features and pages. The website was also designed to be easily navigable and informative, effectively communicating the unique value proposition of Little Venn’s innovative products.


  • Reusable one-page bespoke responsive design
  • Expert content structuring recommendations and consultation
  • Future-proofing capabilities
  • Hosting and Maintenance, including high-performance caching, weekly updates, and 100% renewable energy-matched hosting
  • Additional security measures for peace of mind

Extras: Upon project completion, Lightly Salted planted 50 trees and removed 1 tonne of CO2.


The newly developed website has successfully met Little Venn’s goals for an engaging and user-friendly digital presence. The one-page design has been effective in clearly communicating the unique benefits of Little Venn’s products, helping to inform potential customers about the importance of clean air for infants. The expertly structured content and future-proof design ensure that the website is equipped to serve Little Venn’s needs both now and in the future.

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