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Reliable, Unwavering Peace of Mind

At Lightly Salted, we ensure that every update and backup is executed with precision, granting you the serenity of a secured and seamlessly running website.

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In the rapidly changing digital landscape, your website's stability and performance are paramount. Without reliable hosting and regular maintenance, businesses can suffer from extended downtimes, security breaches, and degraded user experiences. We merge top-tier hosting solutions with dedicated WordPress maintenance, ensuring your website remains secure, up-to-date, and always online.

Four ways that Lightly Salted help small businesses with WordPress Hosting and Maintenance:

WordPress Hosting

Rely on our robust and scalable hosting platforms, optimised especially for WordPress. We ensure super-fast load times, virtually no downtime, and a seamless browsing experience for all your visitors.

Always Prepared, Always Protected: Our proactive approach guarantees daily backups of your website. If the unexpected occurs, be it a cyber threat or any glitch, a single click restores your site to its prime. And with our real-time monitoring, we’re alerted instantly to any issues, ensuring your online presence remains uninterrupted.

Complete Security, Total Peace of Mind: Beyond just a website, it’s your digital storefront. We ensure it stays safeguarded. Regular scans and prompt fixes keep threats at bay, ensuring uninterrupted peace of mind.

With the ever-evolving WordPress ecosystem, staying updated is essential. We take charge of weekly updates, encompassing the core WordPress software, plugins, and themes, shielding you from potential risks while benefiting from the latest features.

Boosted Business Continuity

With our comprehensive hosting and maintenance services, face fewer disruptions, ensuring your site’s uptime and performance are optimal.
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Transformative Peace of Mind

From daily backups to vigilant security measures, your website’s protection and optimal performance are our top priorities.
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Trustworthy Partnership

When you entrust us with your website, you’re not just another client; you’re a valued partner. We’re committed to your growth, and our hosting and maintenance solutions mirror that dedication.
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Unrivaled Features, Unmatched Service

When you partner with us for WordPress Hosting and Maintenance, you’re not just getting a service; you’re receiving a promise. A promise of unparalleled website performance, fortified security, and consistent support. Dive into the features that ensure your website remains a beacon of reliability and efficiency in the digital realm.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is WordPress hosting?

WordPress hosting is a specialised hosting environment optimised for WordPress websites. It offers settings and features specifically designed to enhance the performance, security, and reliability of sites built on the WordPress platform.
While standard web hosting supports various platforms and CMS, WordPress hosting is specifically optimised for WordPress sites. This means faster load times, tailored security features, and automatic updates to the WordPress core, themes, and plugins.
The cost of WordPress hosting varies based on the package you choose and the specific needs of your business. We offer competitive rates and different tiers to cater to varied requirements. Contact us for a detailed pricing structure.
Dedicated WordPress Hosting for small businesses ensures optimal site performance, robust security, and tailored support. It handles traffic efficiently, provides quick response times, and offers a platform that grows with your business.
Hosting for small businesses focuses on the unique needs of SMEs, from handling traffic surges to ensuring high uptime. It’s tailored to offer features and tools that facilitate business growth and maintain an uninterrupted online presence.
Website maintenance ensures your WordPress site remains updated, secure, and optimized. It involves regular updates to themes, plugins, and core files, as well as monitoring for potential threats and vulnerabilities.
For optimal performance and security, your WordPress site should undergo maintenance at least once a week. Our services schedule these routine checks and updates to ensure your site always functions at its best.
Our package includes regular security scans, active threat monitoring, malware removal, and immediate response to potential security breaches. We employ the latest tools and best practices to keep your site secure.
Absolutely. Our WordPress Hosting and Maintenance service is designed to offer a cohesive experience. From ensuring high-speed performance and uptime to regularly updating your website, we’ve got every aspect covered.
WordPress maintenance is vital to keep your site secure, user-friendly, and performing at its peak. It helps in preventing potential issues, optimizing user experience, and ensuring you make the most out of the WordPress platform.
Our hosting for small businesses is tailored to prioritise performance, scalability, and support. With features designed for growing businesses, it ensures your site is always ready to handle increased traffic, sales, and interactions.

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