LazenbyIT Boosts User Engagement and Security with Comprehensive Website Redesign

Lazenby IT
Discover how LazenbyIT's website redesign enhanced user experience, optimised speed, and bolstered security, all while adhering to its core values.


LazenbyIT, a UK-based IT service provider, emphasises values like partnership, integrity, and quality in their client engagements. However, their existing online platform lacked the technical and aesthetic features to adequately represent these values. They needed a multi-page, responsive website that not only provided a smooth user experience but also demonstrated their commitment to sustainability and client partnerships.

Ollie has been very helpful, not only with recreating our new website but also helping our clients with their website. We recommend Lightly Salted for web design, hosting as well as planting trees.


  • Creating a multi-page website that is also responsive and accessible.
  • Ensuring high-speed, secure hosting to meet the company’s operational needs.
  • Incorporating key SEO features and analytics capabilities.
  • Aligning the website’s look and feel with LazenbyIT’s core values and environmental commitments.


Website Development

  • Reusable Multi-Page Responsive Design: A user-friendly interface compatible with various devices and screen sizes.
  • UK Government Accessibility Standards: Ensuring the site meets local legal requirements for accessibility.
  • WordPress CMS: An easy-to-use Content Management System for effortless content updates.

Hosting and Performance

  • Fast UK Hosting: Utilising Super-fast SSD storage
  • Security Measures: Daily backups and real-time monitoring to ensure maximum security.

Sustainability and SEO

  • On-Site SEO: Optimisation for better online visibility.
  • Analytics Integration: Custom dashboard setup to monitor website performance and customer behaviour.
  • Environmental Footprint: Planting 50 trees and offsetting 1 tonne of CO2 upon project completion.


  • The newly redesigned website is now aligned with LazenbyIT’s core values, offering a more transparent and trustworthy user experience.
  • Site load times are optimized for enhanced user engagement.
  • Advanced security measures have been implemented, significantly reducing vulnerability to potential cyber threats.
  • The SEO optimizations and analytics integrations are set up to improve online visibility and provide valuable insights into user behavior.

The revamp of LazenbyIT’s online platform aims to offer not just a technical uplift but also fortify its brand ethos, thereby aiming to deliver real value to its customers.

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