Knocker Locker

Empowering Knocker Locker with a Digital Revamp for a More Inclusive Sporting World

Knocker Locker
Discover how Lightly Salted revamped Knocker Locker's website to empower women in sports. Improved user experience, fast hosting, and robust security.


Knocker Locker is more than just an online store—it’s a mission-driven initiative that focuses on empowering women to embrace sports without the limitations imposed by inadequate sports bras. Established by Rachel Ballantyne, the brand aims to address the fact that over 50% of women suffer from breast pain due to poorly fitted bras, and a staggering 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size. Knocker Locker offers a curated selection of top-rated sports bras, along with sound fitting and sizing advice.

The company’s socially conscious approach doesn’t end with the customer. It partners with the Pink Ribbon Foundation, making a donation with each sports bra purchase, and collaborates with the charity Smalls for All, which supports women and children in need in Africa and the UK.

I cannot recommend Lightly Salted highly enough. Technically very adept at dealing with my ecommerce store and a great eye for design. Beyond this, I find Ollie brilliant to work with. He is very straightforward and transparent, I know exactly where I stand with him and always feel listened to and understood in terms of my requirements. I love the ethos of the company and am so happy to have been recommended them.


Knocker Locker required a complete overhaul of its website to align with its brand ethos and to offer a more efficient and engaging user experience. The goals were multifaceted—improve page load speeds, ensure compatibility with WooCommerce, and provide a layout that would be flexible for future updates.


Lightly Salted took the website’s framework to the next level by transitioning to Elementor, giving Knocker Locker a powerful and flexible platform for the future. With a focus on an engaging and compelling user experience, we integrated new templates, applied the client-supplied new logo and colours, and provided expert recommendations on content structuring.

Feature Set:

  • Reusable multi-page bespoke responsive design
  • Expert content structuring recommendations and consultation
  • Built on the latest web technology
  • Future-proof, easily extendable for new pages and features

Extras Included:

  • Planting 50 trees and removing 1 tonne of CO2
  • High-resolution stock images
  • Badge displaying the website’s eco-friendliness

Hosting and Maintenance

Lightly Salted also took charge of hosting the revamped website on fast UK cloud hosting. We incorporated high-performance caching, included an SSL certificate, and matched 100% renewable energy for hosting.


To counter WordPress’s vulnerability to hackers, we offered a robust security plan. We established daily backups and immediate monitoring for any breach attempts, ensuring a smooth and secure online experience for both the client and their customers.


The new Knocker Locker website resonates with its mission, offers an engaging customer experience, and stands on a robust digital framework that can grow along with the brand. We continue to provide weekly updates and monitoring, so Knocker Locker can focus on what they do best—empowering women in sports.

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