Transforming JHA Ltd's Online Presence with a Digital Foundation for Success

Lightly Salted transforms JHA Ltd's website with a responsive, user-centric experience that leverages advanced web technology for optimal performance and SEO.


Founded in 1990, JHA Ltd is a multidisciplinary practice that brings together architects, technologists, and interior designers. With a focus on collaborative efforts, the team delivers inventive yet efficient solutions for an array of projects across various sectors. They believe in the synthesis of creativity and technical proficiency, a blend that enables them to take projects from concept to construction smoothly. Every project is overseen by a senior team member, ensuring a meticulous attention to detail that differentiates them from larger practices.


JHA Ltd needed a digital representation as sophisticated and tailored as the spaces they design. They required a multi-page, mobile-first website with an intuitive user experience, future-proofed design, and secure inquiry forms. Furthermore, the website needed expert content structuring and SEO optimisation to improve its digital footprint and attract targeted traffic.


Lightly Salted met these demands by crafting a bespoke website that harmonises functionality with aesthetic appeal. Built using the latest web technologies, the responsive design adapts seamlessly across all devices and browsers. We included dynamic features like an updatable projects section, filterable by categories. Additionally, the site was built to be easily editable, enabling effortless content updates.


  • Responsive design across all platforms
  • SEO-optimised with increased loading speeds and technical markup
  • Dynamic project features with category filters
  • Forms for secure and efficient inquiries


JHA Ltd now boasts a website that is not just visually appealing but also technically robust. The new site’s superior SEO capabilities have resulted in a significant boost in both organic and paid search traffic. Client inquiries have seen a marked increase thanks to the secure and user-friendly form captures. We continue to provide aftercare services for minor website changes, along with ongoing email and phone support.

Our sustainability commitment was fulfilled with the planting of 50 trees and offsetting one tonne of CO2, contributing to JHA Ltd’s corporate social responsibility.

The end product is a future-proof digital platform that encapsulates JHA Ltd’s ethos of creativity, technical proficiency, and meticulous attention to detail, solidifying their reputation as leaders in the architectural space.

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