Transforming Fridgenius' Online Presence Through Web Excellence

Lightly Salted improves Fridgenius Limited's online presence with a future-proof, SEO-optimised website that amplifies brand values and user engagement.


Founded by David Slydel in 1995 and now managed by his son Chris, Fridgenius Limited is a family-owned business that supplies solenoid valve operating magnets on a national and international scale. Their products find applications in various sectors including refrigeration, air conditioning, and gas installations. Lightly Salted, a web agency specialising in WordPress, partners with businesses like Fridgenius to craft high-quality websites that align with their core values and business objectives.


Fridgenius approached us with the aim of constructing a website that not only mirrors their corporate ethos but also keeps the user experience at its core. The brief included creating a website that is fast, responsive, and can be easily expanded in the future with additional pages and features. They were also seeking expert advice on how to structure the content for maximum engagement and search engine visibility.


Adhering to best practices and the latest web technology, Lightly Salted crafted a bespoke, multi-page website for Fridgenius with a mobile-first approach. Built on WordPress, the website not only addresses the current needs but also allows for future scalability. We focused on optimising the site’s technical aspects to make it highly receptive to search engines, ensuring a smooth and enriching user experience.


The newly launched website has received commendations for its professional look and intuitive design, effectively encapsulating Fridgenius’ brand values. With improved SEO strategies in place, the website has experienced higher rankings, driving more relevant traffic through organic search. To align with our commitment to sustainability, we have planted 50 trees and offset 1 tonne of CO2 emissions on behalf of Fridgenius, thereby contributing to environmental conservation.

By understanding Fridgenius’ unique needs and challenges, Lightly Salted has successfully delivered a solution that not only meets but surpasses expectations, setting a new standard in what a well-executed, strategic web presence can achieve for a business.

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