Clayton Surveying

Digital Renaissance: Clayton Surveying’s Journey from Invisibility to Engagement

Clayton Surveying
Lightly Salted delivers a game-changing website and brand identity for Clayton Surveying, elevating their digital presence and amplifying client engagement.


Clayton Surveying, a firm specializing in surveying and project management services, faced a significant gap in their business model—they had no online presence or a unified brand identity. Despite their expertise in helping commercial and residential clients make the most of their assets, they were practically invisible in the digital landscape. This limited their reach and hindered their potential for growth.

Lightly Salted have been excellent to deal with from start to finish. All questions were answered promptly and the whole service was conducted very professionally. A pleasure to work with!


The challenge presented to Lightly Salted was multi-layered. Firstly, Clayton Surveying needed a comprehensive, responsive website that would not only make them visible online but also accurately represent the premium services they offer. The site had to be accessible, functional, and provide an engaging user experience. Secondly, they lacked a brand identity cohesive enough to communicate their unique value proposition effectively to commercial and prime residential clients.


To tackle the web development aspect, Lightly Salted constructed a WordPress-based multi-page website, designed with a mobile-first approach. We leveraged cutting-edge web technology to ensure the site was not only attractive but future-proof, with the ability to add more pages and features as the company grows. Essential elements like secure inquiry forms and a feature for adding case studies were seamlessly integrated.

Simultaneously, our team engaged in a collaborative ideation process with Clayton Surveying to formulate a brand identity. This entailed generating brand narratives that encapsulated the company’s essence, ethos, and unique selling points. This was further manifested in a carefully designed logo set, complemented by a digital PDF book of brand guidelines.


The impact of the revamped website and new brand identity has been transformative for Clayton Surveying. They have successfully carved a niche for themselves online, increasing their visibility and consequently amplifying client engagement. They were particularly enthralled by the brand narratives, which have now become the foundation of all their future marketing and communications initiatives. Our aftercare and training services further empowered them to take charge of their new digital assets confidently.

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