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Christian Business Leaders
Lightly Salted transforms Christian Business Leaders' online presence with a robust, user-friendly WordPress website. Discover how we fueled their mission.


Christian Business Leaders (CBL) is a network committed to nurturing Christian entrepreneurs and senior managers, offering them a supportive context where they can grow their businesses while staying true to their faith. Understanding the unique challenges and solitude often associated with leadership roles, CBL serves as a communal platform for both spiritual and professional development.

Lightly Salted’s Values

  • Positive for People: We believe in the transformative power of equitable and inclusive environments. By offering Living Wages and actively engaging in our community, we’re contributing to a better world for all.
  • Positive for the Planet: Sustainability is at the heart of our operations. For every project, we plant trees and offset carbon emissions, ensuring that our digital solutions are kind to the Earth.
  • Positive for Business: We value transparency, honesty, and customer-first solutions, setting us apart in an industry that’s often opaque.
I worked with Lightly Salted on a new website for CBL UK. Ollie was professional, flexible and responsive to my suggestions. He does what it says on the tin! I will, and have done, recommend his services to others.


CBL needed a website that would not only reflect their mission but also offer an array of functionalities such as event listings, a resource library, and analytics tracking. Moreover, the website had to be easily manageable and meet the UK’s accessibility requirements.


Lightly Salted developed a WordPress-based multi-page website featuring:

  • A responsive design compatible with mobile, tablet, and desktop screens.
  • An easy-to-navigate layout designed to be accessible according to UK government guidelines.
  • Integrated online forms for member interaction.
  • A resource library that CBL can effortlessly update, complete with sorting and filtering options.
  • Robust analytics capabilities for tracking website performance and user engagement.

Security and performance were prioritised, including fast UK hosting, daily backups, and routine updates. As a cherry on top, we also planted 50 trees and removed 1 tonne of CO2 on behalf of CBL.


CBL now enjoys a dynamic online platform that not only serves its community but also strengthens its mission. The new website has improved user engagement, streamlined resource accessibility, and bolstered the network’s online visibility. Our continued hosting and maintenance services ensure that the site remains secure, fast, and up-to-date.

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