Impact of Page Speed and SEO on Your Website Rank

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Introduction to Page Speed and SEO Page Speed and SEO is worth considering regardless of your business or charity’s size – embracing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is crucial. If you overlook SEO, rest assured, your competitors will not. Even if outperforming competitors isn’t a priority, reflect on whether your audience can easily locate your website. […]

Why Google PageSpeed Matters and How We Optimise It

Nobody likes a slow website. It’s a terrible user experience. The speed of a website, or lack of, can have a big impact on your user’s perception of you as an organisation. Whether you are a business owner or a marketing director, understanding Google PageSpeed could be very helpful for improving your website’s user experience […]

Lightly Salted become accredited by the Good Business Charter

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We are proud to be accredited by the Good Business Charter, this is in line with our values of being positive for business. The GBC consists of 10 components that we commit to and more details for each of these components can be found on their website: As an organisation with under 51 employees:

What does it mean to be a values-driven website agency?

What does it mean to be a values-driven website agency

Let’s start by talking about values. To have values is to have integrity. If we have values then we must stick to them. There’s no point in having values if we don’t. Abiding by values is having integrity. We can have integrity with ourselves and integrity with others. Lightly Salted is a business that has […]

Why an Optimised Website Could Save You Time

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Is your website saving you time as a small business owner? Optimise your website with these seven improvements. Save time and money by helping prospects to qualify themselves and make an enquiry.

The Ultimate Guide to Small Business Websites

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A comprehensive guide for small business owners. Optimise your small business website. Learn about Key Principles, Domains and Web Hosting, User Experience (UX) and Design, Technical Tips, SEO, Essential Web Elements, Essential Small Business pages and Analytics.

Why should you develop a Brand as a Small Business?

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Why do I need to be concerned about a brand as a small business? Isn’t it only large organisations that spend money on branding while small companies just get on with the job? Learn about the importance of a strong brand identity and strong brand communication.