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Lightly Salted revamps Spiritlevel Communications website for enhanced user experience and increased business leads

Spirit Level
Lightly Salted redesigned Spiritlevel Communications' website, boosting traffic, enhancing user experience, and aligning with brand strategy.


Lightly Salted is a digital marketing agency that specialises in customised, data-driven, and innovative solutions. The agency is committed to reducing their environmental impact and promoting sustainability, while providing high-quality services to their clients. They are a Living Wage employer and take part in helping to reduce poverty in their local community. Lightly Salted also signed the Good Business Charter, which reinforces their commitment to honesty and integrity in all aspects of their business.

Lightly Salted worked with me to redesign Spiritlevel Communications’ website. They listened attentively to my requirements and worked alongside me to bring the site to life, interpreting my mumblings into a cohesive design. And now although the project is officially over, Lightly Salted continue to work with me to offer advice and bring ongoing improvements to the site.


Spiritlevel Communications, a PR and Communications business, was reviewing their marketing strategy and wanted their website to better reflect their decisions. They needed a new website that was more effective in generating new business and had an improved design. Their old website was a one-page site built on WordPress, which was hosted and managed by another provider, had no security, and was not being updated or backed up regularly.


We at Lightly Salted designed and developed a new website for Spiritlevel Communications, built on WordPress. The new website has a clean and modern look that compliments the existing Spiritlevel Communications brand. We made sure it was easy to update by Spiritlevel Communications, who now have full control across the whole site. We ensured that the website is fully responsive and working well on mobile, tablets, and desktops.

We developed an informed, simple structure that greatly improved the user experience and made it much easier for end-users to access the information that they were looking for. We included a well-designed blogging feature to enable Spiritlevel to publish news updates for their audience and to capture contact details into a GDPR-enabled Mailchimp database.

We also provided Spiritlevel Communications with one of our hosting and maintenance packages, which means that their website is now hosted on our super-fast servers, backed up daily, and kept up-to-date. The package chosen saves Spiritlevel time as they don’t need to worry about maintaining the website or dealing with any issues that may arise with their website.


The new website has a much deeper multi-level structure, which will inevitably help with the domain authority and page rankings. Every decision made by Lightly Salted ensured that the design of the new website improved. The new website marries a cleaner look with an improved structure. The colours, fonts, and other brand elements are carefully expressed throughout the header, page, and footer areas to ensure brand continuity.

The website is now easy to navigate and clear at presenting information to the end-user. Since the launch of the new website, Spiritlevel Communications has seen an increase in traffic and engagement from their target audience. The new website has enabled Spiritlevel Communications to generate new business and improve their online presence.

Overall, Lightly Salted’s ability to offer customised, data-driven, collaborative, innovative, and results-oriented digital marketing solutions helped Spiritlevel Communications achieve a measurable, meaningful result. The agency positioned themselves as a unique and valuable partner for Spiritlevel Communications, who now have a website that reflects their marketing strategy and generates new business. The project was delivered on time and on budget, with strong and effective customer service from start to finish.

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