School House Café

Building Community and Empowering Vulnerable Adults with School House Café

School House Cafe
This case study showcases how Lightly Salted worked with the School House Café to create a visually engaging, accessible website that supports the café's community involvement and mission of providing employment opportunities for vulnerable adults.


The School House Café is a community hub located in Cheltenham. It provides a space for the St. Paul’s community to come together, including long-term residents and students from the nearby campus. The café offers high-quality products at affordable prices and hosts various activities for different parts of the community. Additionally, it provides employment experience for vulnerable adults as a stepping stone to help them get into employment. The café opened in October 2016.

Lightly Salted was approached to create a website for the School House Café that would showcase its offerings, provide information about its history, and allow visitors to make donations. The project presented some unique challenges, but Lightly Salted was excited to take them on.


The School House Café’s website needed to showcase the café’s unique offerings and community involvement while also providing an easy way for visitors to make donations. Lightly Salted needed to create a visually engaging website that would support the daily running of the café and help it to achieve its goals.

Additionally, the website needed to be fully accessible and usable for all visitors, including those with disabilities. This required careful consideration of design, layout, and content.


To meet the School House Café’s needs, Lightly Salted worked closely with the café’s team to understand their goals, audience, and unique offering. We developed a custom landing page design that was both visually engaging and easy to navigate. The design incorporated the café’s branding and personality, using warm colours and playful language to create a friendly, welcoming tone.

In addition to the landing page, we created pages for the café’s history, menu, and community involvement. We also included a donation feature that made it easy for visitors to support the café’s mission.

To ensure the website was fully accessible and usable, we focused on clear, concise content and carefully considered layout and design. We worked with the café’s team to ensure that all content was inclusive to visitors with disabilities.


The School House Café’s new website has been a resounding success. The website’s design has been praised by visitors for its warmth and friendliness, and the donation feature has helped the café to raise much-needed funds. The website has also helped to raise awareness of the café’s community involvement, allowing it to further its mission of bringing people together.

Working with the School House Café was a rewarding experience for Lightly Salted. We were able to create a custom website that fully met the café’s needs while also ensuring that it was fully accessible and usable for all visitors. We are proud to have played a part in supporting the café’s mission of building community and providing employment opportunities for vulnerable adults.

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