Chorus Independent Financial Planning

Lightly Salted Revamps CIFP Website Boosting User Engagement and Lead Generation

Chorus Financial Planning
Lightly Salted transforms CIFP's website, enhancing user engagement and increasing leads with a focus on values and services.


Chorus Independent Financial Planning (CIFP) is a financial planning and investment management firm based in the UK. Their mission is to help clients achieve their financial goals through personalised, transparent, and ethical advice. CIFP approached Lightly Salted Ltd to develop a new website that would effectively communicate their values and services to potential clients.

CIFP was founded in 2011 by Gavin Southwell, a Chartered Financial Planner with over 20 years of experience in the financial planning industry. CIFP is committed to providing objective and independent financial advice to clients, with a focus on building long-term relationships.

I am delighted with our website. Ollie translated my needs into an effective design, so that the site does just what I want it to do, and it reflects the concept and style I had hoped for. Ollie is quick to update the feeds and documents within the site. Highly recommended.


CIFP’s existing website did not effectively communicate their services and values to potential clients. The website was outdated and difficult to navigate, which led to a high bounce rate and low engagement. CIFP needed a new website that would effectively communicate their values, services, and expertise to potential clients, and provide an intuitive user experience.


Lightly Salted worked closely with CIFP to understand their goals and objectives for the new website. They conducted research on CIFP’s target audience and competitors, and developed a comprehensive strategy for the new website.

The new website consists of at least 10 pages, including Home, About, Documents, Contact, and Links. The site is managed using the content management system WordPress. Lightly Salted followed a four-phase process, including Concept, Design, Technical, and Testing.

In the Concept phase, Lightly Salted outlined the flow of the website and the relationship between pages, as well as gathering together text, images, and other assets from CIFP. In the Design phase, Lightly Salted created mockups for key pages to show how the pages would look when they are built. In the Technical phase, Lightly Salted set up the staging environment (test environment), WordPress, built the site, and optimised it for search engines. In the Testing phase, Lightly Salted deployed the site internally (alpha testing), then to an external (beta) group for further testing before launching the site.

The new website is responsive, working well on mobile, tablet, and desktop so as to serve the potential range of clients visiting the CIFP website. The site is designed to be user-friendly, with clear navigation and calls to action.


The new website developed by Lightly Salted effectively communicates CIFP’s values, services, and expertise to potential clients, resulting in increased leads and inquiries. The site has a modern and professional design, which is aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate. The site’s design is complemented by its clear and concise content, which effectively communicates CIFP’s key messages to visitors. As a result of these updates, the new site has seen a significant decrease in bounce rate, with visitors spending more time on the site and engaging with the content in a more meaningful way. Lightly Salted’s commitment to sustainability and reducing environmental impact is evident in the site’s design and development. CIFP is satisfied with the results of the project and would recommend Lightly Salted to other businesses in need of website development services.

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