Living brands for growing businesses

Many businesses and organisations face a challenging future after the uncertainty and disruption caused by factors such as BREXIT and the Coronavirus pandemic. However, those with a strong brand, that captures their character and the distinctives which make them special, are well placed for the future. Don't just survive but flourish in uncertain times.

A growing collaboration between Lightly Salted and Spiritlevel Communications


A brand can sometimes feel like it has been artificially created and moulded to look like something it is not. However, an effective brand should be an expression of a business’ culture which authentically communicates its identity and purpose. It should be memorable and distinctive both internally within the organisation, and externally to its customers and clients.

"Your brand serves as your best protection against business factors you can’t control."
Dan Schawbel
Author and founder of research and advisory firm Millennial Branding


  • A fresh perspective on your business
  • Captures core essence of business
  • Establishes an innovative and inspiring narrative to succinctly and memorably express your business
  • Communicates brand visually and textually
  • Brand character, strategy and visual identity neatly packaged into a brand book
"If you don’t give the market the story to talk about, they’ll define your brand’s story for you."
David Brier
Designer, speaker, blogger and author of Brand Intervention


Our branding communications packages are designed to develop living brands for growing businesses by helping business leaders view their organisation through fresh eyes, capturing the critical elements of their business and the difference it makes.
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  • Brand Character & Strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • Implementation
  • Brand Book
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  • Brand Character & Strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • Implementation
  • Brand Book
  • Dynamic Support
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  • Brand Character & Strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • Implementation
  • Brand Book
  • Dynamic Support
  • Annual Workshop


Our creative process examines your business through an alternative lens. The brand character & strategy and visual identity we deliver will give you confidence and bring positive change to the customers and clients you serve.
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Brand Narrative & Strategy

In this stage we ask key questions about why your business exists and who you are here for, to help us identify what really makes your business tick.

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Visual Identity

A visual identity is made up of a logo, colour palette, font set and brand guidelines. We work with your newly developed Brand Character to create a complimentary, memorable visual identity.

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Dynamic Support

We care about the people we work with. Your brand is a living thing, so once we have implemented your new brand, we will provide ongoing support to help you develop and grow.

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Annual Workshop

Simply what it says on the tin! Covers all aspects of your brand, from visual identity and online content to positioning and long term ambitions. We will leave no stone unturned.

Meet Ollie & Allen

Profile image of Allen Moxham

Ollie Tigwell

Owner of Lightly Salted

Ollie Tigwell has grown Lightly Salted out of a frustration for the way that agencies treat their clients. He chooses to do business differently and serves his clients with honesty & integrity. Each visual identity and website is thoughtfully considered and built out of relationship.

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Allen Moxham

Owner of Spiritlevel Communications

Allen Moxham set up Spiritlevel Communications in 2014 after working in senior communications roles with both corporate and charity organisations. He has over 20 years experience leading communications teams and developing memorable campaigns, working with clients to grow their organisations and inspire their audiences.