What does it mean to be a values-driven website agency?

Let’s start by talking about values.

To have values is to have integrity.

If we have values then we must stick to them.

There’s no point in having values if we don’t.

Abiding by values is having integrity.

We can have integrity with ourselves and integrity with others.

Lightly Salted is a business that has integrity with itself, but also with others.

A person or organisation does not have integrity once and that’s it, that’s the antithesis of integrity.

Integrity permeates every action, all the time.

So what does this mean in practice?

We make our values our filter, through which we run every action, decision and conversation.

So many website agencies will try to pull the wool over their client’s eyes.

They’ll promise the world but not deliver on their promises.

We just don’t do that, we put everything down on paper and communicate openly.

Both our expectations and our client’s expectations are clearly defined and agreed upon.

Throughout all of our processes, we are honest.

We admit where we don’t get it right.

But, we are a values-driven website agency, and always will be.

This is better business, this is good business, this is how all business should be. We

What are Lightly Salted’s values?

Positive for People

We believe that people matter and strive to be equitable and inclusive. We are a Living Wage employer and take part in helping to reduce poverty in our local community (Wimborne, Dorset).

Positive for the Planet

All our websites run on 100% renewable energy and each website that we create plants trees and offsets CO2. Our team’s carbon footprint is more than offset by supporting the best in climate action.

We offset with Ecologi, through Gold Standard and Eden Reforestation Projects.

Positive for Business

We believe in honesty and integrity so will never mislead or exploit our clients in the services or products that we provide. We believe that our purpose and values are a key differentiator and will help to drive change in our industry.

Why does this matter to you?

Because, if you need a website delivered, then knowing that you can trust the agency delivering it is critical.

If you’re a supplier, perhaps you offer website hosting, then you will want to be able to rely on the website agency that they are are true to their word.

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