Lightly Salted partner with Spiritlevel Communications to launch new venture for SMEs

Spiritlevel Communications and Lightly Salted, have teamed up to launch a new venture that will help charities and SMEs access professional branding services at affordable rates. We believe many promising businesses are trapped within lifeless brands, and our new venture – Living Brands – aims to transform businesses with inspirational branding that captures their true character.

Allen Moxham, director of Spiritlevel Communications and Ollie Tigwell who runs Lightly Salted, are both passionate about inspirational and authentic communications which capture the character and essence of a business. Allen says,

“helping good people say important things is our core business and an inspiring living brand is an integral part of that process”.

Brands that make your staff proud

Ollie says,

“We believe a living brand should integrate the ethos, culture and distinctives of a business but a brand can sometimes feel like it has been artificially created and moulded to look like something it is not. We are passionate about developing authentic brands for businesses that employees are proud to work for and that customers are excited to engage with.”

Our integrated process develops your brand from the ground up, initially by capturing the DNA of your business before establishing the narrative and visual identity that bring a brand to life. Businesses can opt for either a ‘Starter’, ‘Growth’ or ‘Premium’ package, each one designed to meet the differing requirements of a business as it grows.

What sets us apart?

Is it our integrated approach or our passion for inspiring authentic communications that help good people say important things? Or is it our desire to build great working relationships with our clients so we can develop living brands that truly reflect the nature of their business? We think it’s all of these but please get in touch and visit us at Living Brands for Growing Businesses and you can decide yourself.

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